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导读:初中英语作文常用连接词 (1) 表示增加的过渡词: also, and, and then, too, in addition, furthermore, moreover,again,another,first/ second/ third 等。 (2) 表示时间顺序的过渡词: now, then, be


初中英语作文常用连接词 (1) 表示增加的过渡词: also, and, and then, too, in addition, furthermore, moreover,again,another,first/ second/ third 等。

(2) 表示时间顺序的过渡词: now, then, before, after, afterwards, earlier, later, immediately, soon, next, in afew days, gradually, suddenly, finally 等。

(3)表示空间顺序的过渡词:near(to),far(from),in front of,behind, beside,beyond,above,below,to the right/ left,around,outside 等。

(4)表示比较的过渡词:in the same way,just like,just as 等。

(5)表示对照的过渡词:but,still,yet,however,on the other hand,on the contary,in spite of,even though 等。

(6)表示结 果 和 原 因 的 过 渡 词:because,since,so,as a result, therefore,then,thus,otherwise 等。

(7)表示目的的过渡词:for this reason,for this purpose,so that 等。

(8)表示强调的过渡词:in fact,indeed,surely,necessarily,certainly, without any doubt, above all 等。

(9)表示解释说明的过渡词:for example,in fact,in this case, actually 等。

(10) 表示总结的过渡词: finally, at last, in conclusion, in brief, in short, in general,on the whole 等。

最新中小学教学 word 试卷-可编辑

衔接的句型 在英语的写作中, 时常需要用到列举的或者衔接的句型,那么现在就衔接的句 型来看有哪些呢?其实根据衔接词本身在文章中起到的作用,主要分为以下四 类,即“起”、“承”、“转”、“合”。

那么起到衔接的句型到底有哪些呢? 下面可以来详细的看一下。


at first 最初 for one thing…(for another) at present 现在;当今 首先…(其次)… currently 目前;最后 recently 最近 first(ly)第一 in general 一般说来 in the beginning 起初 one the one hand…(on the other hand) to begin with 首先;第一 一方面…(另一方面) first of all 首先;第一 generally speaking 一般地说 in the first place 首先;第一 on the whole 总起来说 lately 最近 to start with 首先;第一 presently 现在;此刻 now 现在 (二)有关“承”的常用词语:用来承接上文。

after/after that/afterwards 此后 by this time 此时 after a few days 几天以后 certainly 无疑地;当然地 after a while 过了一会儿 therefore 因此;结果 also/too 并且;又 for example 例如 at the same time 同时 for instance 例如 beside 此外 for this purpose 为了这个目的 Besides/what,s more 而且;此外 from now on 从此 in addition 此外 second 第二;第二点 in addition to… 除…之外 secondly 第二 in fact 事实上 similarly 同样地 in other words 换句话说 so 所以 in particular 特别(地) soon 不久 in the same way 同样地 still 仍然 by the way 顺便提一句 then 然后 indeed 的确 third 第三;第三点 meanwhile 与此同时 thirdly 第三 moreover 而且,此外 for another 其次 no doubt 无疑地 such as 正如 obviously 明显地 later 后来 of course 当然 truly 事实上;真实地 particularly 特别地 unlike …不像……;和……不同 what is more 而且;此外 (三)有关“转”的常用词语:用来表示不同或相反的意见。

after all 毕竟 fortunately 幸运地 all the same 依然;照样 however 然而;无论如何 anyway 无论如何 in spite of 尽管……;虽然……最新中小学教学 word 试卷-可编辑

at the same time 同时;然而 luckily 幸运地 but 但是 by this time 此时 though/although 尽管 no doubt 无疑地 in/by contrast 对比之下 on the contrary 相反地 even though 即使 otherwise 否则 still 仍然 unfortunately 不幸地 in fact 事实上 unlike 不像……;和……不同 as a matter of fact 事实上 yet 仍;然而;但是 especially 特别地 (四)有关“合”的常用词语:用于小结上文或结束本段落的内容。

above all 最重要的是 accordingly 于是 as a result 结果 in sum 总之,简而言之 as has been noted 如前所述 in summary 简要地说 as I have said 如我所述 on the whole 总体来说;整个看来 at last 最后 therefore 因此 by and large 一般说来 thus 因此 briefly 简单扼要地 to speak frankly 坦白地说 by doing so 如此 to sum up 总而言之 eventually 最后 surely 无疑 finally 最后 to conclude 总而言之 in brief 简言之 no doubt 毫无疑问 in conclusion 总之,最后 undoubtedly 无疑 in short 简而言之 truly 的确 in a word 总之 so 所以 certainly 当然地;无疑地 obviously 显然 all in all 总之最新中小学教学 word 试卷-可编辑

初中英语作文常用连接词和亮点句子 1.表文章结构顺序: First of all, Firstly/First, Secondly/Second…next And then, Finally/In the end/ At last…2.表并列补充关系的(递进关系):What’s more(甚至)/ What’s worse (更糟糕的是), even(甚至),Especially(特别是) Besides(除此之 外), Moreover(甚至), Furthermore, In addition(除此之外还 有) ,not only …but also 不但…而且, at the same time 同时 3.表转折对比关系的: However, On the contrary, but, Although+clause(从句),(不与 but 连用) Despite/In spite of+n/doing 尽管…但是… 4.用来陈述正反方的不同观点(一般用于议论文章中): On the one hand… On the other hand…一方面,又一方面 ; Some…, while others…一些人认为…而另一些人认 为… Everything has two sides…(食物都具有两面 性) some people hold the view that … while the others prefer the view that …(一些人坚持这种观点, 而另一些人更喜欢另一种观点) 5.表因果关系的:Because(不与 so 连用), As(由于,因为) , So, Therefore(因此), As a result (结果) ,thanks to(多亏) because of/as a 于), without, with result of (由 the help of...(在…的帮助下),6.表进行举例说明:For example+句子(意思是:例如)可以用于句中, 句首,句尾; such as…and so on 7.表陈述事实:In fact 事实 上 8.表达自己观点: As far as I know / as far as I am concerned In my opi nion /for my apart , to tell the truth 说实话 ; to be honest 诚实地说 ,generally speaking 通常来 说 这些短语一般都用于最后一段的开头 ,用来陈述自己的观点。

9.表总结:In short(总之)、 最后一段表示总结。

In a word(总之). 一般也用于10. as is known to (us) all ,as we know It is said /reported that + 句子 据说/报道….(据我所知),最新中小学教学 word 试卷-可编辑

recently 最近 用于作文开头,其后一般用现在完成时 态 with the development of the (economy )随着(经济)的发展等 连接词或者短语 (一般用于句首,用于陈述事实) 11. ……已成为人的关注的热门话题,特别是在年青人当中,将引发激烈 的辩论。

例如:……has become a hot topic among people, especially among the young and heated debates are right their way. 12.连接各类从句的连接词: 时间状语从句:when, 目的状语从句:so not…until, to as soon asonthat+clause;do(为了)结果状语从句: so…that+clause, too…to do (太……以至于……) 条 件状语从句:if, unless(除非), as long as(只要) 让步状语从句:though(尽管,不与 but 连用), although(尽管,不与 but 连用), even though(即使), even if(即 使) no matter what/when/where/who/which/how (无论…) 比较: as…as…, not so…as…, than 13.用来提建议的句型: I If 会做… suggest / advice that you should do 我建议你做…I were you, I would do… It’s best to do 最好做…(虚拟句型)我要是你的话,我做 样? WhyYou had better (not) do 最好(不) how about / what about doing …怎么 I think you should do 我认为你应该… not in do / this why way don’t can we you do do…? it 为什么不… well (这句话一般用于所提Only 出的建议之后,意思为:只有通过这种办法,我们才能把它做好. 倒装语序,用得好的话肯定会成为该篇作文的亮点)注意:该句型用I’m looking forward to your early reply ! 期待你今早回复 我 (一般用于书信的最后一句话,这几乎已经成为一句经典的书信套话了,童 鞋要记住哈)最新中小学教学 word 试卷-可编辑


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